An observatory is a staff with various skills and jobs

Ophélie Fovet coordinates scientific activities on the observatory with Laurent Ruiz et Laurent Jeanneau.

Mikael Faucheux coordinates field activities of the observatory within the pôle technique ANATER de l'UMR SAS, and he conducts with Yannick Hamon and Patrice Petitjean the monitoring using sensors and sites samples. Especially, Mikael Faucheux is in charge of hydrometric and meteorological measurements in Kerbernez site, and of hydrochemical measurements in both sites. Yannick Hamon is in charge of hydrometric and physical measurements (temperature, meteorology, flux tower) in Naizin site. Patrice Petitjean is in charge of groundwater and soil water samples in Naizin site.

Patrice Petitjean, Céline Bouillis and Yannick Fauvel perform the chemical analyses at Rennes laboratories and in-situ (Riverlab of Kervidy-Naizin). 

Maryvonne Pertue is in charge of accounting and financial management.

Hervé Squividant, Mario Adam and Christophe Geneste develop and  edeploy numerical services to archive and diffuse the data sets of the observatory.

Pascal Pichelin and then Nesrine Ayari numerize and update land use and land cover data for Naizin site with the contribution of field survey by Sylvain Busnot and Florian Gaillard, and the support of Valérie Viaud.

Rémi Dupas, Chris Fléchard, Valérie Viaud, Patrick Durand, Zahra Thomas, Anne Jaffrezic, Blandine Lemercier and Christian Walter contribute to the long-term monitoring strategy by revising annually the protocols and by controlling the quality of the data and applying them the relevant pre-treatments.

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