AgrHys CZO

AgrhyS: a Critical Zone Observatory

AgrHyS a Critical Zone Observatory in oceanic temperate contexts and crop-farming systems of Western France.


The observatory aims at characterizing response times of hydrogeochemical fluxes to climatic forcages and forcages related to human activities - i.e. here agriculture and landscape management - in catchments.


AgrHys observatory includes two sites in French Brittany Region: Kervidy-Naizin catchment (center of Brittany) and Kerbernez catchments (South West Brittany). The two sites are located in cristalline hard rock, with an oceanic climate and intensive agriculture (high inputs level).


  • Acquisition of environmental data sets (on water quality, landscapes, biogeochemical fluxes...) over long term periods (a few decades)
  • Hosting measurement or experimentation in-situ campaigns for research programmes on Environmental Sciences
  • Developping or using novel tools for hydrological or environmental chemistry mnitoring (sensors, tracers... )
  • Supporting trainings and knowledge transfer


AgrHyS Observatory is manily supported by INRAE. It is also supported by UMR SAS and it benefits from human ressources of UMR Géosciences Rennes.

National and European Research Infrastructures

L'observatoire AgrHyS Observatory is part of the French National Research Infrastructure on Critical Zone Observatories OZCAR-RI and the companion INRAE Collective Scientific Infrastructure OZCAR-INRAE

AgrHyS Observatory contributes to the preparatory phase of the european ESFRI eLTER-RI dedicated to continental and coastal ecosystems under global changes.



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